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Windsor Plywood specializes in hard to source interior and exterior home finishing products including flooring, doors, and mouldings. They believe in responsible sourcing, superior quality products and supporting our local communities. They have 61 stores located across Western and Central Canada & the Northwestern USA. A key ingredient in their success has been an emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, high quality products & competitive pricing. Each store is staffed by qualified personnel who are capable of giving good advice, are product knowledgeable, and can offer suggestions to the average do-it-yourselfer or home handy person.


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Oct 25.2012

Saw Dogs


Eat. Sleep. Carve. It’s what we do.

A team of the world’s top chainsaw sculptors battle short deadlines, tight budgets and conflicting artistic sensibilities to complete a series of beautiful commissioned carvings. Master carver Steve Blanchard pulls from a pool of the best carvers around, matching their special skills to each over-the-top project, to craft some of the most intricate woodcarvings imaginable. Confronting the dangers of chainsaw carving requires a steady hand and a fearless disposition. At Blanchard’s Saw Valley ranch, chainsaws scream, sawdust flies and imagination rules.


CoastEcoTimber supplied the wood for the OLN show Saw Dogs!


Oct 25.2012



In the beautiful rooftop setting of the Tantalo Hotel, located on the corner of Avendida B and Calle 8, Casco Viejo, Panama, Adam Rosenberg (project manager for the developer, Blesso Properties in NYC, USA) has used CoastEcoTimber Ipe wood for the decking and bar cladding.  Ipe is known for it's durability, is scratch resistant, low maintenance and has a lifespan of 100 years!  Ipe is unparalleled as a species, when it comes to long lasting natural chemical free decking.  Ipe is as aesthetically beautiful as it is hard wearing.

Tantalo Hotel's restaurant purchased our finished Zapatero table tops for their beautiful modern dining area.  Zapatero is best used for high quality furniture, veneers and general carpentry, and is well suited for indoor as well as outdoor use.





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Mar 30.2011

Verdmont Capital



Verdmont Capital is a full service securities and investment management firm
that provides worldwide service. Verdmont Capital facilitates client transactions
in the world's largest and fastest growing markets through our
relationships and affiliations with top tier counterparties



Verdmont Capital Boardroom feature CoastEcoTimber Panama woods for the
table, floor and picture frames, as well as veneer materials used in the facility.


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